Background. In agriculture, the most important inputs include fertilizers, pesticides, and seeds. First of all, they ensure high and generally good-quality yield. They constitute an important element of the cost structure in agricultural production and have an impact on the natural environment, which forces the optimization of their use. The aim of this study was to capture changes in the consumption of selected means of production in Polish agriculture in a long-term perspective.

Material and methods. The statistical analysis carried out included the amount of mineral and calcium fertilizers, plant protection products as well as certified seed of cereals and seed-potatoes. Data for 2010–2019 were obtained from the Central Statistical Office in Warsaw Based on the collected ten-year data, the trend equation was determined and the value of the determination coefficient R2 was given.

Results. In the analyzed period, there was an upward tendency in the domestic consumption of NPK mineral fertilizers per 1 ha of total UAA (Utilised agricultural area). A growing trend in the consumption of potassium fertilizers, a stable use of nitrogen fertilizers and a downward tendency in the consumption of phosphorus fertilizers were shown. There was an upward tendency in the consumption of calcium fertilizers. In the analyzed years, the use of plant protection products in domestic agriculture increased. The sale of herbicides, however, showed only an upward tendency. In the analyzed decade in Poland, there was a growing trend in demand of triticale seed. In the case of other cereals and potatoes, this was a positive tendency.

Conclusion. Over 2019–2020 in Poland, the consumption of selected means of production varied and depended on the assessed assortment. The increase in the sales of cereal seed and the increase in the consumption of calcium fertilizers should be considered particularly favorable.

Apr 13, 2021
Original paper